Wish Tech exists since two years. My office and workshop is situated in Norsesund,
a small place between Göteborg and Alingsås. It’s not just a beautiful and
inspiring surrounding, the calm provides me the concentration I need to help
you with your challenges and possibilities.
Little stress and more creativity is a combination that works really well for me.

During most of my professional career before WishTech I was one of three
managers for a middle size product design company. We started off with
two people but we developed and at the most we had 170 employees.
When that company transformed in a fusion with a group, I chose to start
my own business.
After some time with various commitments I finally started on my own.

I have worked with a wide range of activities: 
Electronic design
Software development embedded systems
• Project management
 Lectures and tutorials
Sales manager consultant services 
• Purchase manager external services
Recruitment and development of competence within the company 
Opening of new offices

I am..

Always engaged and interested in people and technical matters. My curiosity leads me
and I’m eager to learn. Love to meet people who look for new challenges and possibilities.

I can..

Focus on the client and find the most efficient way to reach customer satisfaction.
Financial assessment of the product development process. I have a wide
experience within my field, electronics, mechanics and software.
I communicate easily and openly at any level and have aresourceful contact net.


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